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Reality Today with Dr. Cynthia Mickens

Releasing the Weight of Today for a Brighter Tomorrow

Most people are the owners of a safety deposit box. Though these boxes vary in dimensions, most, if not all contain histories that we hide in darkest recesses of a closet under lock and key. The key to unlock the box was hidden years ago in a place you cannot remember. The box contains issues that have caused you shame and add to the lack of self-worth you try to protect today. Issues like molestation, rape, verbal and or physical abuse, incest are just some of the burdens you have stored under lock and key.
So what do most people do with their hurtful past? They pay for the damage everyday through extreme perfectionist behaviors and severe judgmental thoughts of others. Keeping their emotional and natural bank account on empty.

No matter the hardship. No matter the pain. You must plan to rise beyond that which shackles you. In most cases, I have found that when dealing with someone who has experienced some tragedies, the veil can only be lifted when they realize that yesterday doesn’t have to be their Reality Today. The Reality of Today is you can choose to Deal with it or you can choose to think you are ignoring it. I remember a pastor friend once said, “whatever you refuse to deal with TODAY will one day deal with you Tomorrow.”  To clarify what he is saying, whatever negative issues you think you’re in control of will one day take control of you in such a way that you’ll be forced to deal with its off springs, be it alcoholism, drug addiction, bankruptcies, countless failed relationships, or AIDS from promiscuity.

Choosing to deal with it will produce a freedom from bondage of shame, false identity, perfectionist behaviors, judgmental thoughts, and negative expectations.

Susan Casavant, with Art fest offers this powerful suggestions, “start today by taking ONE issue out of the box and deal with it and then burn it. Make peace with it by whatever methods you are comfortable with. You many want to draw a picture of the person that hurt you to scream punch it or poke holds in the paper. Others may want to write out all they feel to express their frustrations.

But whatever methods you choose, just remember that your Reality Today is I choose to accept the truth that this is My past and I cannot change the past, but I can change how the past affects My Reality Today.

All Rights Reserved ©2010 Cynthia Mickens
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